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The Cow Was a Total Jerk

steak puns food funny cows web comics - 7788071168
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

But We Can Watch Tremors, Again

sad but true funny - 7453986304
Created by steelemoon

Growing Up

funny cereal web comics - 7900650240
Created by Steve ( Via Maximumble )

Cures What Ails Ya

sad but true Charlie Sheen funny - 7630795776
Created by katweezel

How Americans Watch TV

sad but true TV funny - 7800939776
Created by Kyte314

Late Bloomer

Harry Potter stahp neville longbottom funny - 7530042368
Created by Torelma

Sneak Peak of "Despicable Me 2"

despicable me kids boys names funny - 7486456064
Created by artistperson

Why Vampires Never Live Long

halloween vampires funny web comics dracula - 7870358016
Via Robot Yeti

Sometimes You Need Multiples

amazon wtf Videogames animal crossing funny - 7680361728
Created by Anaga808

Social Anxiety 101

social anxiety story funny web comics - 8796454912
Via anemonelost
webcomic list regarding how women really are in relationships and life

16 Cartoons About the Controversial Nature of Girls

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Spot The Problem

funny growing up sad but true web comics - 7890908160
Via Lunar Baboon

I Just Met You And This is Crazy

dogs funny - 7680366848
See all captions Created by Unknown
webcomics about a timid sheep is so relatable

Adorable Comic of Timid Sheep Is Truly Relatable

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That Accent

funny boston - 7426396672
Created by Unknown


sad but true girls funny dating - 7726895360
Created by Unknown