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Staring Contest

fry Inception leonardo dicaprio the internets - 5266866688
By Unknown

Truly the Future

cartoons drugs fry futurama TV - 6260671488
By Unknown

Not Sure If Want

fry gender TV - 6187588864
By Mr_Joekzalott

The Duality of Innovation

dubstep pink floyd bass futurama fry funny - 7441533184
By Unknown

I'm Walking on Sunshine!

fry shut up and take my money the internets - 6165134848
By Kernow

Let's Hope for Trolling...

fry the internets trolling yahoo answers - 4725421312
By Unknown

Become a Planet Express PLATINUM Member, Today!

futurama fry funny - 6230544384
By Unknown

Clever Link

futurama fry funny - 7682569472
By Unknown

'You Haven't Seen the Reposts?'

fry futurama leonardo dicaprio meme meme the internets - 4921087232
By Unknown

I Like Fry Day!

FRIDAY fry Party Thor - 4679608576
By TheKorwegian

Oz the Great and Smokin'

Witches troll face futurama fry - 7145103616
By Unknown

Not Sure if Planking...

fry futurama Planking the internets - 4984922368
By bigmagicmonkey

Puns Make Bender Angry...

bender cartoons french fries fry futurama - 4725176576
By wwelander

U Trolling Me, X?

fry futurama Planking the internets Xzibit - 4955788800
By the1chaos

It Was All That Practice on 'Growing Pains'

fry Inception leonardo dicaprio Staring TV - 4850570752
Via finalellipsis.tumblr.com

A True Woman

fry futurama laundry TV woman - 5094837760
By Mukade
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