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The Origin of The Caramel Apple

Via Fruit Comic

You Don't Even Know Me!

web comics fruits vegetables You Don't Even Know Me!
Via safelyendangered

Fruit, Less Popular that Phones

blackberry fruit google search phones - 4545382912
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You'd Think That Oatmeal And Fruit Would Be More Compatible

food fruit nutrition sad but true web comics - 8241696512
Via The Oatmeal

That's a Techincality

web comics tomato That's a Techincality
Via raminnazer

The Fruitmanity

best of week fruit the internets - 6392961024
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She Had No Choice, He Was So Apeeling

alcohol fruit fruit men orange the internets - 5244086784
By fail.freak

That Guy's Been Juicing!

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Something Fruity is Going On

Via Mr. Lovenstein

Some Must Die For a Good Time

fun sad but true wine fruit web comics - 8428362752
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The Nature of Pain

wtf funny fruit web comics - 7916606720
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Reframe: Poker Face

fruit fruit men poker face Reframe Tenso - 5174610432
By Unknown

Orange's Joke

bananas fruit orange puns web comics - 8183881216
Via Bacon Asylum

Who'd Have Thought These Celebrities Were Leading Double Lives as Food?

Via iamhoneydill

So Annoying When Bananas Go Bad

bananas puns fruit web comics - 8348928768
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

A Fruit Story

brains zombie apocalypse apple fruit - 6852802560
By Nobody- (Via Monika Tuchowska )
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