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Grab My Camera!

frodo From the Movies legolas Lord of the Rings Sam - 5124178176
By Zexxify

LOTR in a Nutshell

Challenge Accepted frodo gandalf Lord of the Rings spoilers - 4531709696
See all captions By Boat

Frodo Would've Been Lucky to Get Out of the Shire That Way

frodo QWOP - 6216563712
By cada10333


Boromir Challenge Accepted frodo From the Movies Lord of the Rings mordor - 4285230592
By Unknown

Never, Frodo!

celebutard frodo Harry Potter Indiana Jones lego - 4692540160
By PTP010

Ladies & Gentleman, Frodo, the Amateur Comedian

frodo Lord of the Rings pun samwise - 4643644416
See all captions By beejoo

The Ending

frodo gay jokes Lord of the Rings samwise spoilers - 4480542464
See all captions By AnastasiaTheResurrection

Frodo Still Wants His Lego Deal...

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Frodo Really is More of a Backseat Driver

Via Jeremy Kaye


frodo From the Movies justin bieber Lord of the Rings samwise - 4393901824
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Whitest Joke Ever...

frodo From the Movies gandalf Lord of the Rings white - 4754234368
By Jiggles150

You Played Frodo Potter, Right?

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By Unknown