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It Never Fails

annoying best of week drunk facebook friends likes the internets - 5394359552
By Bendyrulz (Via I Raff I Ruse)

Reframe: Joined the Bandwagon

forever alone friends mom - 6824258048
By RubyToosday

Don't Remember That Move From Rock, Paper, Scissors

friends middle finger sad but true web comics - 8346651136
Via The Freeb

You Don't Know My Life!

Via carbonbasedslice

Sometimes He Eclipses Others

earth friends moon web comics - 8143754496
Via Unearthed Comics

SO What Do You Think?

web comics books friendship SO What Do You Think?
Via Mumbletimes
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The Sequel to Adam Sandler's Great Movie, Click

friends remotes tacos web comics - 8031922176
Via Big Codex

I Could Forgive You For Almost Anything but You KNEW I Wanted Boardwalk

web comics friendship I Could Forgive You For Almost Anything but You KNEW I Wanted Boardwalk
Via Brandon Bradshaw

Your Friend is Really Cool, You Should Protect Them

Via Berkeley Mews

I'm Here For You

web comics dogs I'm Here For You
Via adamtots

We Have All Had to Face This Trial At One Point in Our Lives

Via Jim Benton

So Like, I'll Just...

Via Owl Turd

Friends Are Like a Game of Tetris

Via Safely Endangered

Don't Show This Comic to Any Member of The Government

Because they are lizard people, and don't understand humor or sharing.
Via Maximumble

Hard Pokerface

Via kata-009