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forever alone

Forever a Stone

forever alone meme rock Sad the internets - 4726068224
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books forever alone forever alone guy reading the internets - 4447792640
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It's Almost as Rewarding as Real Human Contact!

forever alone hugs the internets - 6254108928
By Unknown

Feeling Like a Highly Trained Soldier

arcade forever alone video games - 5065259520
By Unknown

Story of My Life

flirting forever alone story of my life the internets - 6232129536
By meganeguard

What Game is He Talking About

forever alone relationships Videogames - 7330210560
By RusselKaneda

Forever Egyptian

egypt facebook forever alone troll - 5689137664
By Unknown

Friends Are Handy in Situations Like This

Via Sketch Shark

Physics Won't Break Your Heart

big bang theory forever alone TV - 4824786176
By Unknown

Nice Guys Finish Last (For a Reason)

best of week forever alone friendzone relationships the internets - 6292197632
By meganeguard (Via Angry Girl Comics)

The Only Exception to Loving Pikachu Too Much

forever alone GEICO pikachu Pokémon TV - 4665424384
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The Sadness of Sponge Bob...

forever alone friends SpongeBob SquarePants TV - 4682406656
By electrodinosaur

Pillow Talk is Always Slightly Sad

Via See Bang Now

I Just Say 'Hello'...

forever alone Harry Potter ring telephone - 4892138496
Via purebloodpotterfan.tumblr.com

Thanks For Reminding Me, Fortune Cookie

forever alone fortune cookie love - 6992694272
By rickicker


cars forever alone From the Movies Inception sad but true sleep - 4344778240
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