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Where there's smoke, there's fire. These smokey jokes will have you peering through the haze for more. Just don't get too close to these raging puns and jokes, you might get burned.

You're Just Too Hot Touch

fire web comics - 7831832576
Via Moonbeard


boobs celebutard fire From the Movies lady gaga mrs doubtfire robin williams - 3624974336
See all captions By Estarfigam

If You Can't Stand The Heat, Don't Light Yourself on Fire

fire idiots web comics - 8091993088
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

My Bed is so Warm and Comfy!

fire morning web comics - 8070866176
Via Nedroid

You Get Used to It

web comics heat fire You Get Used to It
Via justsayeh

Glory to... Wait a Minute

best of week fire Japan Memes religion satan the internets - 5837601536
By meganeguard

Fire Will Burn

fashion fire puns burn web comics - 8280012288
Via Art JCF

Hawt Saves You From Hot

witch fire web comics - 8594254080
By tamaleknight (Via tirinhas coreanas)


condoms fire ice mash up pepsi the internets wtf - 4283920384
See all captions By sonozaki_raito

This Mixtape is Fire

Via A Comik

Some Mascots Just Want to Watch the World Burn

fire meme the internets - 5492379904
Via HappyMappy

Helping The Princess

dragon princess fire web comics - 8438695680
Via Port Sherry

Early Bromagnon Man

web comics fire do you even lift Early Bromagnon Man
Via poorlydrawnlines

Wizard School Ain't Easy

Via Pie Comic

If The Cold Doesn't Kill You

Via Disco Bleach

Well, the Fire's Out

fire monster web comics Well, the Fire's Out
Via Bradley Sheridan
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