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Where there's smoke, there's fire. These smokey jokes will have you peering through the haze for more. Just don't get too close to these raging puns and jokes, you might get burned.

This Is Highly Unusual

angel fire comic - 6763251456
Created by Unknown

This is The Fifth Time That Happened to Him Today

rage annoying mindwarp fire feminism web comics - 8487857408
Created by GrafEinhorn ( Via Darnit Comics )

Fight Fire With Fire

Via Extra Fabulous Comics


celebutard celebutards fire justin bieber Music - 3711210752
See all captions Created by kapitan_marchewa

Warning for London

burn fire London riot SOON the internets - 5068280576
Created by syler1

Alcohol And Open Fire! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

drinking candles fire web comics - 8483389952
Via Darn It Comics

The Best Way to Deal With Internet Comments

comments the internets fire sad but true web comics - 8327211008
Via Doodle For Food


boobs celebutard fire From the Movies lady gaga mrs doubtfire robin williams - 3624974336
See all captions Created by Estarfigam

You're On Fire

Via Just Say Eh


fire video games web comics - 8606984192
Via rubbateets

Glory to... Wait a Minute

best of week fire Japan Memes religion satan the internets - 5837601536
Created by meganeguard

Nice Move, Manson

cool fire - 7411313664
Via Tokidoki Addict

And That's How Fire Was Created

Caveman history fire invention web comics - 8315993856
Via Google

Dangerous Burns

fire puns burn web comics - 8178496512
Via Art JCF

Hurry, Get Out Of Hair!

web comics fire mistake Hurry, Get Out Of Hair!
Via pearshapedcomics

Well, the Fire's Out

fire monster web comics Well, the Fire's Out
Via Bradley Sheridan
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