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cupcakes feels funny sad but true - 7892194560
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

A Sad Truth About Feelings

feels sad but true web comics - 8400589568
Via Chizuu

Relationships Are Wild

feels puns web comics - 7980448000
Via Queen of Hearts on The Sleeve

Are Words Like Seeds?

Via Spill My Beans

Too Many Feels

call of duty feels ghost video games funny - 7762647552
Created by Unknown

Dressing Up

feels funny parenting web comics - 7905269760
Via Lunar Baboon

How Do I Live?!

web comics structure vs freedom
Via beth evans

Stiff Competition

feels wood doctor who cartoons - 7149964032
Created by omnytamer

Reframe: The Sad Story Continues.

chairs Reframe furniture feels - 6664690944
Created by f0r54ken
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