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That Might Be Part of The Reason You Went Extinct

dinosaurs fear web comics - 8185070080
Via Liz Climo

An Unspeakable Fear

yikes fear tongue web comics - 8391858944
Via Deep Dark Fears

My Worst Fear

fear school web comics - 8002605568
Via Time Trabble

The Caterpillar's Family

bugs family fear sad but true web comics - 8241477888
Via Lunar Baboon

That Doesn't Help

web comics centipede fear That Doesn't Help
Via yourwildcity

A Reminder That Your Data Can Be Used Against You

Via Dajo42

Another Fear That Stems From Religion

Via Go Comics

A Driving Fear

Via Just Say Eh

Things My Dog is Afraid Of

dogs fear thunder web comics - 8328392448
Via Left Handed Toons

Sometimes You Have Reasons to Fear Your Own

fear sharks web comics - 8154006016
Via Liz Climo

Irrational Fear

fear bees funny - 7432897024
Via The Gentleman's Armchair

The Perfect Temperature

fear monster sleeping web comics - 8220651520
Via Pleated Jeans

That's Why I Never Take Off My Moon Boots

yikes fear web comics - 8413816064
Via Deep Dark Fears

Sleep is for the Well Adjusted

fear sleep web comics - 8051877888
Via Beth Evans

They'll Tell You Babies Aren't That Fragile, but How Do You KNOW?

web comics baby fear They'll Tell You Babies Aren't That Fragile, but How Do You KNOW?
Via assorted-color-flavors

How Did They Know?!

fear butts web comics - 8047262976
Via Owl Turd
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