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It Generally is Cheap, But The Health Risks Pile Up

fast food sexy times sad but true web comics - 8267616256
Via Katie Bee Comics

Happens to Us All

sad but true fast food - 7169680128
By Chopstickdropkick

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

web comics fast food adulthood The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
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Mama? Papa?

fast food Movie - 6574062336
By Luristico

Sales Strategy

funny fast food web comics - 7929275392
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dating famous fast food brands webcomics with a nice twist to them

What It Would Be Like Dating Famous Fast Food Brands

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Maybe You Like Them Too Much

kids love family fast food chicken nuggets - 6788558848
By Unknown

One Of The Saddest Indicators About Today's Economy

fast food sad but true in this economy web comics - 8328191744

Either Way, It's Not OK

fast food fat plank table the internets - 4995033856
By maxystone

Transformers Get Hungry Too

costume drive thru fast food the internets transformers - 6292199680
By Pepe710

Meeting at a Fast Food Company

meeting in this economy sad but true fast food web comics - 8411815424
Via Its The Tie

When Five Guys Planned Their Big 'Ol Franchise

Via fromcorporate

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

fast food soda the internets - 6348443904
Via Domics

Meeting Goals

running fast food web comics - 8745745920
Via EnzoComics

Fast Food is Dangerous

Via Joan Cornella

Pedobear's Favorite Meal

chicken fast food meal pedobear the internets UK - 5133523200
By rotide462
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