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Family Man

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Via Lunar Baboon

Since The Incident, Dad Can Only Use One Phrase to Communicate

dads sad but true issues family web comics - 8285643520
Via Time Trabble

You're Not Just Saiyan That

just girly things dads Dragon Ball Z family - 7220941824
By Unknown

One of The Darkest Secrets a Family Can Have

Via The Obscure Gentlemen

Sometimes You Don't Really Know Your Parents

Awkward family genies web comics - 8249058304
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The Key to Taking a Step Back And Enjoying Life

drinking bars parenting family web comics - 8134265088
Via Lunar Baboon

Just Like Dad

family funny web comics - 7859069696
By old_buffalo (Via Doing 60)

Just Like Superman

family kids web comics - 8203447552
Via Berkeley Mews
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