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From Literal to Figurative

mr-bean anti joke chicken family guy - 7686762752
By mrmrr

Say What Now?

taken Ad liam neeson i will find you family guy Movie i will kill you TV - 6865914880
By PrincessWordplay

It Took a Series of Movies to Say This

family guy movies sad but true twilight funny - 7733626112
By Sammmmn

I Accidentally Portuguese! Is That Bad?

comic family guy FUUUUU i accidentally - 5454835968
By Kirjava__

And I Was All Ready to Get Offended

christian bale christians family guy TV - 6456517376
Via Reddit


cartoons celebutard Death family guy justin bieber monster the ring - 3693438464
See all captions By eduardo94


Via singh_sahil24

That Wasn't So Hard

cartoons family guy peter TV - 6431470080
By Unknown

Mother of the Year

family guy murica - 6681960960
By Link4565

Never Thought About This Until Now

Via Ubertool Comics

Peter Is Too Heavy

cartoons categoryimage family guy peter rock TV - 6638140928
By jtcaseley1

My Brain Has A Sad

family guy TV - 6518388480
By stevieb0y

Does It Every Time

anti joke chicken family guy funny - 7682896640
By PrincessWordplay

Moar Time Travel!

family guy TV time travel - 6789803008
By Valve00

Adventure Nazi

adventure arrow to the knee family guy seinfeld the internets - 5600752640
By pzykosiz

It Had to be Done

forever alone no friends what!? family guy TV mom - 6695600896
By b-maharet