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The Nightmare of Existence

Via Josh Fetzer

So What Got You Into Dungeons & Dragons?

bad luck d&d dungeons and dragons web comics d&d d&d - 8171795968
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The Fedora Must Grant +10 Charisma

nerds dungeons and dragons jk web comics - 7903825152
Via Embarrassing Comics

Should've Borrowed The Cloak of Intelligence, You Rube

studying school dungeons and dragons web comics magic - 8350083072
Via Jeremy Kaye

That's Why We Never Play With You

Via Pain Train Comic

Roll Into Bed

bed dice dungeons and dragons puns sleeping web comics - 8342823680
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amazing dungeons and dragons lol nerds true story - 4478032896
See all captions Created by esoteric47

What a Charismatic Goblin

love dungeons and dragons web comics - 8037513728
Created by Stankloid ( Via Completely Serious Comics )

Art Thou Feeling It Now, Mr. Krabs?

SpongeBob SquarePants funny dungeons and dragons - 7842610432
Created by JakeZer0

A Study of Alignment Abuse That All D&D Players Can Relate To

Via D20 Monkey