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Professor Duck

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Animals Have Amazing Instincts

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Via Pain Train Comic
duck comics about parenting

What's It Like Being a Parent: The Duck Version (Comics)

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Crossing Physics

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Via Lunar Baboon

Those Little Mother Duckers Have to Be Up To Something

Via Fowl Language Comics

This Will End Badly

ducks sad but true alzheimers sleeping web comics - 8256465920
Via Fowl Language Comics

Bird Dating

Via Afro Pig

Parents That Have to Deal With Sick Kids Will Relate To This

Via Fowl Language Comics

This Comic Explains Why Adults Should Give Each Other Valentine's Day Cards

Via Fowl Language Comics

This is The Most Appropriate Way to Watch Star Wars

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By anselmbe (Via Fowl Language Comics)

If You Could Have One Super Power?

ducks super powers sick truth web comics - 8247698432
Via Fowl Language Comics

Duck Your Wishes

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Via papayukero

Dear Strong-Willed Child

Via Fowl Language Comics

This Game Finally Makes Sense

Via Just Say Eh

Duck Your Wishes

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Via papayukero

She Calls it "Mayonegg"!

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By Unknown
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