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Snooki Made a Boo Boo

accident alcohol drunk jersey shore snooki TV - 4824670208
By travisw70

A Truly Mystical Substance

Via frumpuskrumpus

The Irishman's Dilemma

drunk irish funny potatoes - 7776775424
By Unknown

The Real Easy Way to Get Drunk

bloody mary drunk the internets - 5902455808
By Unknown

Still Recovering from Memorial Day

baby drunk Party the internets - 4712521984
See all captions By yomamasanerfherder

Nothing Will Stand in the Way of That 3am McDonald's Run, Right?

Via Adam Ellis

Listened to Friday Apparently...

awesome drunk FRIDAY Party - 4646226944
See all captions By Whippee

A True Testament to Friendship

drunk sad but true hangover web comics - 8363282688
Via Nice Clean Fight

Are You Mad?

drunk mad men comic - 7147862272
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

It Never Fails

annoying best of week drunk facebook friends likes the internets - 5394359552
By Bendyrulz (Via I Raff I Ruse)

So Close to Being Good Friends, but Then...

Via channelate