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Your Move Donald

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This is Why Donald Trump Isn't in Too Many Movies

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Glad to See We've a Firm Grasp on Candidate Stereotypes at This Point

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He's Got My Vote

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Trump Knows Respect!

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This is How Politicians Get Respect

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Donald Trump is a Wrecking Ball

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Collection of memes using a Cyanide and Happiness comic to make memes about politics, Donald Trump, CNN, fonts, islam, pizza.

Best Of: Talk To Me Like You're A F*cking Idiot Memes

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The Creator of Pepe the Frog Drew a Horrific Comic to Work Through His Feelings About Alt-Right Pepe

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Donald Trump Responds To Observations Of His Sexism

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By nomoremanhattan

I Hope Everyone in The US Has Their Bag's Packed


Keep the Long Necks at Bay! Make Eurasia Great Again!

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Donald Trump Solicits Fantasies For Some

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President Trump's Worst Nightmare

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I Have Never Less Wanted to Live on This Planet

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It's Scary How Seemless Donald Trump Fits Into These Calvin and Hobbes Comics

funny political comic strips Donald Trump fits seamlessly into Calvin and Hobbes Comics creating Donald and Hobbes
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