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Precisely Why I Don't Try to Pirate Air Bud

Via Drawings of Dogs

Cruel Consolation

web comics dogs sad but true - 8383297792
Via Tubey Toons

All Things Work Out in The End

dogs heaven chocolate web comics - 7976471552
Via Feel Afraid Comic

Morning Drowsiness

dogs Lord of the Rings bed time Boromir sleeping - 7278620928
By Unknown

Got Some Bones To Pick

fetch dogs skeleton web comics - 8365508352
Via Nameless Comics

Let He Who Has Not Licked Cast the First Stone

dogs judgment web comics - 8070888704
Via Jim Benton

Silly Dog

cat pets cute dogs - 6972483840
Via Pleated Jeans

How To Care For Your Dog

Via Left Handed Toons


animals dogs FAIL - 3311160576

A Dog's Thoughts on The State of The Modern Human

Via Drawings of Dogs

He's a Ruff Captain, But Loyal to His Men

dogs treasure pirates web comics - 8104049664
By _Elizabeth_ (Via Mr. Lovenstein)

Haha, He Thinks He's People!

web comics dogs people Haha, He Thinks He's People!
Via hotcomicsforcoolpeople

Problem, Dogs?

dogs Okay problem the internets u mad - 5397662976
By Bendyrulz

Not Enjoyable

dogs Tenso - 5255273216
By Valentine B

You're Way Up in Trees and Bushes Though

web comics dogs You're Way Up in Trees and Bushes Though
Via gocomics

Let's Get It On

animals doesnt matter had sex dogs - 5902452992
By Unknown
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