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The Wild Americans

disney logic funny - 7778352128
Created by Unknown

Disney On Ice

disney puns web comics - 8147212800
Via Bizarro Comics

No Shame

disney Hey movies self referential - 6731862016
Created by daveman2003

Please Be Trolling...

news disney trolling face palm - 6720714496
Created by Superzac

George Lucas' Thoughts On the Matter

kill me now disney thoughts - 6721520640
Created by i_Bite

There Are Some Things You Shouldn't Share

cinderella web comics There Are Some Things You Shouldn't Share
Via fluffymustache

Was Watching "Mulan" When....

mulan disney Movie Grumpy Cat - 6910581248
Created by Darknessblae

Gurl, I'm Too Good for This

best of week derp disney From the Movies snow white - 5839918336
Created by Unknown

Beastly, Bro

disney stephen colbert TMI underwear - 7151734528
Created by monkeyperson

This Scene Isn't Cheap

disney rage face Movie scene aladdin Okay - 6815414016
Created by Linnusma

Return of the Rereleases

3d disney From the Movies george lucas getting old star wars - 5830964224
Created by Unknown

Merlin Takes No Crap From AnyTHING

bones disney From the Movies - 5777949440


art bob ross cartoons color disney pocahontas - 4128403712
Created by Unknown

Good Question!

cartoons disney kitchen Movie mulan - 4568894208
Created by wingnut20x6

Donald's Bedtime Surprise

disney Sesame Street TV - 4977393152
Created by torturekiller

Taxes to Rise in 2013

george lucas disney star wars Movie taxes all right gentlemen politics - 6791618816
Created by philsrobeighn
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