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He Wasn't Gunning For That Response

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kids dinosaurs parents web comics - 8038308096
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I'm Just Amazed There's an Outhouse Scaled For Them

gifs dinosaurs toilets - 8163217408
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So That's How That Movie Was Made

doctor who jurassic park time travel funny dinosaurs - 7459671552
By Annaisawesomer

A Reflection on Dinosaurs

dinosaurs web comics - 8265120000
By rawfishandbeer (Via Mandatory Rollercoaster)
a funny list of the struggles t-rex's face in their daily life

15 Struggles T-Rex's Face With Their Short Arms

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It's Welling Up

Sad animation dinosaurs - 7273575936
By Facelesfoe

Friends Help When They Can

friendship friends animals dinosaurs web comics - 8202383616
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Never Forget Their Sacrifice

mass effect dinosaurs web comics - 8110192128
By Unknown

The T-Rex Had a Bunch of Problems

body issues dinosaurs t rex web comics - 8237824768
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animals dinosaurs face palm history science sci fi Star Trek - 4080456448
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And That's Why The Allies Won

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Curse You, Darwin!

bird chickens Darwin dinosaurs staph - 6580449024
By bssdude726

The Ultimate Motivation

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That's a Little Harsh

web comics dinosaurs therapy That's a Little Harsh
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Death dinosaurs From the Movies jurassic park whoops - 4062573056
By Unknown
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