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darth vader

Vader Is The Pro

darth vader kristin stewart star wars - 5081686528
By tomnow92

Darth Vader Explained

Via Jim Benton

They Must Have Their Mother's Hair

darth vader Father justin beiber Luke star wars - 4866613760
By IvanHorvat

Carly Rae Sithspen

call me maybe darth vader From the Movies Luke star wars - 6228076544
By SteveKspace

Finally Getting Back at Dad

star wars darth vader web comics - 8134269184
Via Ubertool Comic

The Story Arc Would Have Changed Return of The Jedi Incredibly

star wars darth vader web comics - 7936279552
By Unknown

Luke, I Have Your Girlfriend

best of week darth vader girlfriend luke skywalker noooooo star wars - 5585397504
By DanGoRawr


darth vader games star wars - 3303723520
By ramzaw

Vader's Good Side

star wars darth vader - 7489709824
By montero65

Not Just Any Guy With a Breathing Problem

darth vader that 70s show toy TV - 6276423424
By Unknown


Antoine Dodson darth vader family issues kids star wars the internets - 4299305216

Take What We Can Get, Man

darth vader obama star wars stormtrooper - 5145609472
By gwennyth

Gotta Have Faith

best of week darth vader star wars - 5444105216
By MaoDiggyMao

What a Freaking Genius Emperor We Got Here

darth vader Emperor Palpatine star wars toast web comics - 8428374528
Via Wilbert Yarns

Little Bastards Wreck Everything

best of week darth vader Death Star insurance kids Memes star wars - 6442597888
By PrincessWordplay

I See You Have Constructed a New Iteration

darth vader Movie star wars - 6564457728
By newvertiformcity
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