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Webcomics from of dark-humored and depressing Cyanide and Happiness.

31 Dark Humored Occasionally Depressing Comics From Cyanide and Happiness

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dark and funny web comics from Mark Organisciak.

23 Comics For People With A Twisted Sense Of Humor

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What Entering the Workforce Feels Like

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Funny comics, dark comics from LOLNEIN.

27 Dark & Funny Comics From LOLNEIN

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I Believe This Was Originally The Riddle of The Sphynx

dark humor funny riddles web comics - 7874673920
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Just Your Everyday, Heartfelt Grandmotherly Tale

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How to Parent

Via downtheupwardspiral

One Small St--

dark humor astronaut space web comics - 8813380096
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Arctic Flight

penguins dark humor whales funny web comics - 8813055232
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funny comics, professor oak as a pokemon, hentai with bowling ball

27 Hilarious Comics That'll Improve Your Mood

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Funny comics

32 Sassy Comics That'll Improve Your Day

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Twisted, dark, and funny comics from Mr. Lovenstein.

20+ Deliciously Demented Comics From Mr. Lovenstein

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Funny memes for people with dark and twisted humor, nihilist memes, cover image is of a woman and her demon baby. | Woman -  Love My Baby, But Wish He Would Stop Saying This Human Form Is Limiting othing more

30 Twisted Memes And Comics For Lovers Of Dark Humor

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That Moment When Your Manga Shelf Gives under the Weight of a Thousand Treasures, and Your World Ends

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ABC in a Nutshell?

Via Theproton

What a Cock!

Via Jim Benton Cartoons
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