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I'm Switching to Google+

dafuq facebook google poll social network the internets - 4892037888
Created by SamTheWomanizer

Classic: SpongeBob Is Magic

best of week cartoons classic dafuq SpongeBob SquarePants TV - 6302808576
Created by DemoEYE

There's a Reason His Pupils Are so Big

cat dafuq - 6563691008
Created by Unknown

FML: Guide to Dating

best of week dafuq dating girls guide - 5243900416
Created by fbastage

Go Kiss a Toilet

KISS dafuq toilet - 6887520512
Created by savannamia

Leave Him Alone Already

military dafuq soldiers gun will smith - 6847446784
Via Pleated Jeans


best of week dafuq Memes the internets true story - 5298113024
Created by Jiovani

The World Doesn't Make Sense Anymore

dafuq kristen stewart smiling the internets twilight - 6226912000
Created by Unknown