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It's Nice Having Resourceful Friends

Balloons critters panda web comics - 8342540288
Via Liz Climo

A Noble Goal to Bear

critters bear web comics - 8256582400
Via Crimes Against Hugh's Manatees

A Shellfish God

god critters web comics - 8315881216
Via Happy Jar

Seagull vs. Lobster

Via Vs Comics

Stylish Shark

Via Liz Climo

Pigs Are Great Comedians

jokes pig critters web comics - 8328050688
Via Dakota McFadzean

Never Trust Someone With a Mustache

Via A Hamm a Day

Animals With Super Boring Diets

Via Beatrice Biologist

There Are Worse Than Than Breaking Up

Text - i don't really know how to say this.. but this isn't working out. wait, are you trying to what? no. it's just. vell... break up with me again? i think that went well. thercantalk.com
Via They Can Talk

Horsie Has to Go

critters horses web comics - 8450214912
Created by steffenwittig ( Via Too Much Awful )

The Pelican Brief

critters toilets web comics - 8411820032
Via A Hamm a Day

He's a Hugger

dolphins critters otters octopus web comics - 8219376896
Via Liz Climo

It's Time To Ram

critters sheep web comics - 8185391616
Via I Raff I Ruse

I Feel The Same Way With The 3DS

critters sharks web comics - 8085050368
Created by Unknown

No Respect For Death-Goose

critters Death goose web comics - 8169510144
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Shell Yeah

Via A Hamm a Day
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