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So Human Like.....

actor Arnold Schwarzenegger celeb comic creepy Movie - 6399551488
By fetalslap87


baby bragging creepy i accidentally monster sex wtf - 4413228288
By DjNightTerror

What Dreams May Come

creepy dreams girls web comics - 8360966656
Via Jim Benton

Santa is a Creep When You Get Down to Brass Tacks

creepy santa web comics Xmas - 8398401280
By EvilLeprechaunPenguin (Via Elpp)
Creepy Garfield art from before I am Sorry Jon

22 Twisted & Creepy Takes On Garfield The Cat

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Funny web comics from adam ellis.

Adam Ellis' Comics Are Taking A Weird Turn And We Like It

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I heard you like eating

Aliens creepy eating nom nom nom Xzibit - 4414475264
By Jocke Hellstrom

Making Friends

creepy forever alone Rage Comics shadow lurker the internets - 5022853120
By Mr.Stathis

Well, she DOES love kids...

creepy kids typo - 4574746112
By CatEarsGirl (Via wonderwall.msn.com)

That's a Good Reason to Not Go Camping

wtf creepy camping web comics - 8275080192
Via Steve Patrick Adams

Oh Yeah!

Blood creepy the internets - 6381866240
Via Three Word Phrase


creepy face replace face swap kids the internets - 3952634368
By vickyjanthony
Funny and creepy web comics about deep dark fears.

18 Comics That Perfectly Illustrate Our Strangest Little Fears

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The Only Thing Worse Than a Monster In The Closet

Via Varunkvv

No One Looks Good Laughing

wtf creepy laughing - 7769731328
By Vane_275

Cute Furby, Right?

SOON creepy furby cute - 6832937216
By Tyrus225
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