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The Moments Before Milk Was Discovered

cows milk web comics - 8326153984
Via Pain Train Comic

Hopefully She'll Get In The Mooood

Via Lonnie Millsap

One Classic Moovie

puns funny cows web comics - 7855870464
By old_buffalo (Via Doing 60)

Aliens Are Full of Pranks

webcomic - Green - VV Vv PoP Wi GONNA THe J mineHApeN
Via Mister Hayden

Cows Are Super Dangerous

cows funny shark - 8340661760
Via Mr. Lovenstein

Keep Milking That Excuse

parties cows web comics - 8348927488
Via Cyanide and Happiness

The Cow Was a Total Jerk

steak puns food funny cows web comics - 7788071168
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

This Gets Under The Skin

puns cows web comics - 8347262720
Via Bing

They're Totally Killing in There

web comics cows surprise They're Totally Killing in There
Via alarminglybad

Modern Farming

cows milk web comics - 8330786816
By anselmbe (Via Farming Memes)

Animal Feelings

Via Safely Endangered
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