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No One Died

best of week cooking died friends the internets - 6440911616
Created by Unknown

Turn-Ip For What?

Via thepigeongazette

Better Call Bert

breaking bad cooking Cookie Monster Sesame Street comic - 6871150848
Via Seratyo

Pancakes! Y U SO HARD!

cooking Nailed It pancakes star wars the internets Y U NO - 6082722816
Created by mrlemming

It's Funny, Cause Science

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And All Will Smell What I am Cooking

jesus cooking puns church the rock funny - 7652843520
Created by Unknown

Adult Life

cooking sad but true web comics - 8419245568
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No Really, The NSA Shared This Information With Me Earlier This Morning

NSA cooking obama oil funny - 7802256896
Created by spartan117andSully

Onions Generate Tears

cooking onions sad but true web comics - 8425013504
Via The Odd 1s Out

Cooking With Emotions

cooking emotions web comics - 8100830208
Via Nineteen Letters Long

Patience Reaps Rewards

cooking kids parenting funny web comics - 7916606976
Via Lunar Baboon

Especially When It Involves a Special Method

breaking bad cooking puns funny - 7731919104
Created by MikeLSmillie

You Live and You Learn

cooking oil armor web comics - 8604487680
Via EnzoComics

Artisan Cooking

cooking funny web comics - 7929191424
Via Angriest Pear

Amen, Brother

cooking fire Simpsons Did It funny - 7849581056
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Kitchen Prep Just Took a Turn down a Dark Alley

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