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Never Give Up

Via Loading Artist

What a Difference a Millennium Makes

computer Cats writing - 7019772672
Created by TuckerBentley

Such a Thing as Too Many Cats?

cat computer Inception Xxzibit Xzibit - 5033871104
Created by omakir


computer leonardo dicaprio windows - 4491063552
Created by andy.fail

Fine, My Great Aunt Already Knows, It Can't Get Any Worse

superman computers Fine, My Great Aunt Already Knows, It Can't Get Any Worse
Via thefrumps

Defeating the Computer Overlord

computer Jeopardy linux TV - 4998794752
Created by sixonefive72

You Forgot to Delete the History

computer sleeping the internets - 5370541056
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

Another Downside to Being Self-Employed

Via Fowl Language Comics

I Could "Buy" a Lot of "Surprise Gifts" with Those!

best of week computer pr0n the internets - 5949465856
Created by Unknown

Don't Let Siri Hear You Say That

web comics puns computers Don't Let Siri Hear You Say That
Via jayunplugged
Funny comics about computers, system 32

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apple computer history mac PC steve jobs the internets wake up sheeple - 4263181312
Created by ScottR

To Error is To Be Human

Via Technically Comic

Forget Task Manager

problem computer - 6972638720
Via Mr. Lovenstein

Last Saved....

computer email history prontimes the internets - 5284825088
Created by Gearbox

It's Got the Blues

computer web comics - 8754695936
Created by ElephantInTheOR ( Via www.elephantintheor.com )
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