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Goodnight My Child

computer shadowlurker the internets - 5855803648
Created by sekkuar


apple computer history mac PC steve jobs the internets wake up sheeple - 4263181312
Created by ScottR

Curse You, Cursor!

feels curses movies computer expectation vs reality - 6760249600
Via Pleated Jeans


computer leonardo dicaprio windows - 4491063552
Created by andy.fail

The Only Thing to Do

all the things blue screen computer freeze the internets - 5075443712
Created by eckoo

Don't Let Siri Hear You Say That

web comics puns computers Don't Let Siri Hear You Say That
Via jayunplugged

My Laptop Is Typing Funny

college computer the internets zuckerberg note pass - 5044048896
Created by maxystone

Far Too Similar to Mine...

computer osama pr0n the internets - 4766816768
See all captions Created by Estarfigam

That'll Be the Day

webcomic - Cartoon - the tomorrow i'm gonna next be productive! day... COMIXED.COM
Created by Unknown

Such a Thing as Too Many Cats?

cat computer Inception Xxzibit Xzibit - 5033871104
Created by omakir

The Brave New World We Live In

Via Extra Fabulous Comics

I Could "Buy" a Lot of "Surprise Gifts" with Those!

best of week computer pr0n the internets - 5949465856
Created by Unknown

No Time For Disk Checking

windows aint-nobody-got-time-for-that computer - 6858753536
Created by Grodd714

Never Give Up

Via Loading Artist

We Are All Doomed

best of week computer heaven test - 6403696128
Created by meganeguard ( Via For Lack of a Better Comic )

"Thanks" for Your "Help"

how i met your mother computer - 7015273728
Created by Godwin1066
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