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For Your Comfort and Safety

comic - 6598562560
Via Butter Safe

You Got a Friend in Steam

steam toy story comic video games - 6975204864
Via Loldwell

All the World's a Bathroom

bathroom birds comic poop - 6526919936
Via Lizclimo

Are You Mad?

drunk mad men comic - 7147862272
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Nobody Cared About That Old Hag Anyway

mona lisa Fan Art doctor who comic - 6874460160
Via Pain Train

Singing in the Rain

comic - 7132219904
Via Hotchkiss Comics

It's the End!

comic The End mayan apocalypse - 6815148544
By Hotchkiss (Via Hotchkisscomics)

Vroom, Vroom

batman best of week comic joker Super-Lols - 5455450368
By Kite

Girls Purse

girls comic space - 6991400448
Via Sarah See Andersen

The Very Offended Tumblrpillar

tumblr internet beauty comic - 6983556608
Via Blogwell

Rad Dad and Buff Uncle

dad uncle comic - 7022652160
Via Buttersafe

But, Gotta Go Fast

gotta go fast comic - 7016582144
Via Completely Serious

Why I Am Like a Cat

cat Party comic - 7077155840
Via Pleated Jeans

Here, Kid. Screw Around With This

star wars Movie luke skywalker dead comic - 6992443648
By meganeguard (Via Jim Benton)

I, For One, Welcome Our New Brick-Overlords

lego xkcd comic - 7866604288
Via xkcd

One Dirty Dwarf

gun comic - 6875667456
By rezdog (Via Bunicomic)