The Comfort Of Being In A Long Term Relationship (12 Comics)

One of the perks of being in a long-term relationship is that you can be comfortable with your significant other. Sometimes maybe too comfortable... Sometimes your significant other takes for granted your closeness. Whether its an epic fart, a massive burp, or just innocently forcing the other to procrastinate because you have nothing better to do. No matter what the case, couples really can get to close for comfort. I think openness and communication in a relationship is paramount. But within reason folks, no one wants to have to call the EPA for a methane leak.

If you ever wondered the struggles of serious relationships with sex and spice and everything nice, than these amazing sexual relationship memes will definitely hit the spot. Or just check out these perfect relationship memes to send to your partner and remind them they are special. 

comics about the advantages of being in a long term relations
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