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Looking Back on Dropping Out of College

in this economy sad but true college web comics - 8189851904
Via Amazing Super Powers

Why Going to College is Like Going to Preschool Again

Via According to Devin

My Laptop Is Typing Funny

college computer the internets zuckerberg note pass - 5044048896
By maxystone

The Truest Thing Every Written About College

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Via Dril Pencils

Duck, Donald

Overconfident Alcoholic obama donald trump college politics - 6729143552
By Daz_Voz

"Night Before" Becomes "Day Of" in College

best of week college high school Memes star wars the internets - 5916178432
By Unknown

Everyone Who's Preparing to Leave For College Should Read This Comic

school growing up adulthood college web comics - 8296019456
Via Buttered Peaches

Eventually I Won't Even Recognize You

true story funny college web comics - 7871381760
By Derp-a-derp (Via SMBC)

This is Why No One Should Ever Go to College, Ever

school sick truth books education college web comics - 8279596032
Via Slug Books

How To Get The Most Out of Your Expensive Textbooks

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Via Slug Books

Professor Duck

bread ducks college web comics - 8333054720

But At Least There Are Plenty of Pictures of Cats That I Need to See

parties Cats college - 7259054336
By Unknown

How to Make a Profit.

TV college free - 6982379008
By Larguisimo

College Sucks, Should Probably Just Spend That Money on Anime Body Pillows

school books college web comics - 8003570688
By Unknown

BONUS POST: I'm Telling All My Bros

college facebook social network the internets zuckerberg note pass - 5032856320
By maxystone

Definitely Something 'Useful'

school college - 8067093504
Via Infinite Nap
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