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Why Going to College is Like Going to Preschool Again

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Heeding Ancient Wisdom

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By Unknown

Everyone Has a Calling

web comics dreams college Everyone Has a Calling
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But It's SO Much Better For You!

web comics money college But It's SO Much Better For You!
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How To Get The Most Out of Your Expensive Textbooks

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Looking Back on Dropping Out of College

in this economy sad but true college web comics - 8189851904
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They'll Never Know... Until the Exams Come

college glasses shut up and take my money the internets - 6264365824
By Unknown

While on The Search For Future Employment

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This Is What I Went to College For

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BONUS POST: I'm Telling All My Bros

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By maxystone

This is Why No One Should Ever Go to College, Ever

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The College Experience

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My Laptop Is Typing Funny

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By maxystone

Definitely Something 'Useful'

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Duck, Donald

Overconfident Alcoholic obama donald trump college politics - 6729143552
By Daz_Voz

Toga Parties

expectations vs reality funny college - 7671401472
By petersonk08
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