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Classic: Wassup?!

bear classic Putin the internets - 5672045824
By Asciicodeplus

Love Knows No Bounds

Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Classic: Loljesus

jesus lol classic - 6961507328
By Unknown

Mystery Solved

web comics chicken jokes Mystery Solved
Via lonniemillsap

Jim Benton is a Master of Understanding What It's Like Being a Jerk

Via Jim Benton

6 Totally Easy Tips For Getting Ahead in Today's Economy

government sad but true work sucks time travel classic web comics - 8370507264
Via Medium

Classic: What Kids See

adults best of week classic kids the internets - 5309512192
By sixonefive72


animals Cats classic lol - 4011826432
By Unknown

Classic Whose Line

president TV classic whose line is it anyway bush - 7013281024
By Unknown

Harsh Grammar Lesson

grammar cannibalism classic web comics - 8133882624
Via Bing

This is The Reason Why You Are Required to Wear Seat Belts on Airplanes

classic seat belts airplane web comics - 8323197184
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

Classic: Isn't There Another Option?

classic justin bieber - 6998330368
By EpicDitto

Mathematical Aspirations

puns classic math web comics - 8386212608
Via Unearthed Comics

The Good Old Days of the Internet

web comics internet The Good Old Days of the Internet
Via stoopidcomic

Corey's a Genius

Via piecomic

Ethics Exam

tests ethics cheating classic web comics - 8189870080
Via Three Word Phrase
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