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celebutard chuck norris europe solution the internets volcano - 3439963392
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Chuck Norris Is Never Wrong. Ever.

batman celebutard chuck norris Pokémon - 4849428224
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Proper Spacing Is Key

Badass chuck norris Clint Eastwood - 4674545152
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chuck norris From the Movies planes Samuel Jackson snakes the internets - 3184119808
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A Recreation of Actual Events

awesome chuck norris history osama - 4717566976
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Sorry to Bother You

chuck norris the internets the ring wrong number - 5760357376
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Don't Friend Chuck Norris on Facebook

chuck norris facebook ouch the internets - 5645563136
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Re: Walkers

chips zombie old people chuck norris - 7304454144
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How Optimus Prime Was Born

best of week chuck norris optimus prime sex the internets transformers truck - 5416396288
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celebutard chuck norris From the Movies FTW - 3115287296
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Norris Vs. Hypnotoad

chuck norris guns hypnotoad sad but true suicide - 4484627968
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I'm Sorry, Who Is This?

best of week chuck norris From the Movies i will kill you liam neeson phones taken the internets - 6367311104
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Come Closer

brain chuck norris seems legit the internets wedding - 5333864960
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cartoons celebutard chuck norris goku Pokémon - 3361397760
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Marketing Made Easy

chuck norris gym marketing the internets - 5621444608
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chuck norris eminem fear Music rap - 3975497216
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