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Charlie Sheen

A Meme Tale of Woe

Charlie Sheen college freshman the internets - 5047884544
Created by PrincessWordplay

According to Charlie...

celebutard Charlie Sheen coke white powder - 5064444160
Created by Unknown

The Return

Charlie Sheen drugs Morpheus the matrix wtf - 4537844992
Created by Unknown

She Obviously Didn't Have Tiger's Blood

amy winehouse celebutard Charlie Sheen drugs rip - 5012935168
Via browncardigan.com

Drug Use

Challenge Accepted Charlie Sheen drugs Ozzy Osbourne - 4554175488
See all captions Created by Unknown


Charlie Sheen nerds sad but true TV - 4391025920
Created by dcas

Is it in You?

Charlie Sheen drugs Tiger Woods - 4527262976
See all captions Created by jonrios520

A Test

bear grylls Charlie Sheen drugs gross piss - 4561403648
Created by andy.fail

There Aren't Enough Pills

Charlie Sheen drugs matrix pills - 4553011200
Created by Unknown

New Year's Resolutions

Charlie Sheen Harry Potter the internets twilight - 5621908480
Created by Estarfigam

Cures What Ails Ya

sad but true Charlie Sheen funny - 7630795776
Created by katweezel

Just a Few Pallets of Blow

Charlie Sheen coke drugs i accidentally white powder - 5122264832
Created by Tanutasumonaki

Xzibit Accidentally the Whole Charlie

Charlie Sheen drugs the internets Xzibit yo dawg - 5616980992
Created by PrincessWordplay

Sorry Charlie

celebutards Charlie Sheen Memes Son I Am Disappoint - 4519080192
See all captions Created by derkcloud

Party Man

Charlie Sheen puns white powder - 4541874176
Created by Krulin


celebutards Charlie Sheen inigo montoya language princess bride - 4537778432
Created by palephx
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