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Every Single Day

chairs sad but true funny web comics - 7651551744
By lolnein (Via lolnein)

Not Exactly On The Cutting Edge of Being Sociable

knives Awkward chairs web comics - 8363093760
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Spock's New Job

gifs chairs Spock Star Trek - 8294065920
By anselmbe (Via Big Eye Deer)

Reframe: The Sad Story Continues.

chairs Reframe furniture feels - 6664690944
By f0r54ken

Furnish The Past

furniture chairs web comics - 8259697664
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

A Chair's Appetite

chairs sad but true web comics - 8355293952
Via Lolnein

Chairs Have Feels Too

chairs wife furniture - 6662938880
Via FMyLife

Enough is Enough

chairs Cats web comics - 8112426240
By Unknown

Poor Arthur, and All His Sappy Sentiments

Via Poorly Drawn Lines