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Will Domesticated?

celeb pun Will Ferrell - 6534879232
By snowflake1223

Celebrity Stunt Doubles

best of week celeb kristen stewart movies plank the internets - 6266358272
By Vanos_Ira

Ewww, Neckbeard

shopped pixels celeb - 6745426176
By Unknown

Oh, Will

obama president celeb Will Ferrell - 7061431296
Via Tastefully Offensive

Droppin' That Playboy Science

celeb lindsay lohan photoshop the internets - 5550173952
By PrincessWordplay


death celebrities work neat
Via piecomic


celeb celebutard google kittehs the internets - 2997849600
By pkRed

They Might Really Be Reaching Here...

dr evil air quotes celeb - 7138877440
By Mikelo


celeb celebutard movies obama - 2929178624
By brownboy


best of week celeb ego kanye west lol Music saturday - 5742432768
By Unknown


fashion suits celeb funny - 7690748672
Via I Raff I Ruse

Too Soon?

celeb dead johnny cash steve jobs the internets - 6129069568
By Rozy B. Hind


best of week celeb pun the internets - 6153060352
By Unknown

You Played Frodo Potter, Right?

best of week celeb celebutard Daniel Radcliffe elijah wood frodo Harry Potter Lord of the Rings - 5943843584
By Unknown

You Should Listen to Celebrities Because Obviously They Share a Similar Handle on Reality

sad but true comedy celeb funny - 7548314880
By monkeyperson

There's a Very Good Reason for That

celeb divorce kim kardashian the internets - 6367780096
By PrincessWordplay
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