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It's a Hard Life but at Least You're Free

web comics bread puns It's a Hard Life but at Least You're Free
Via lunarbaboon

Just Don't F**K With Sliced Bread, Man

Via 3_times_three

What Now, Aetheists?

nutella bread funny web comics - 7868168448
By OK-Mama (Via Oritune)

Classic: Radiobread

best of week bread classic radiohead the internets - 6069688320
By Unknown

Funded By The Gluten-Free Illuminati

jesus illuminati bread web comics - 8372308480
Via Death Bulge

Jesus That's Probably Full of GMO's, Too

jesus diets bread fish web comics - 8189854208

Purebread Cat Is so Hot Right Meow

Via Extra Ordinary Comics

My Precious, You Cannot Get Away

birds mine seagulls bread - 6977008384
By djcat595

One Could Get Lost in Their Own Mind Pondering the Depths of Bread's Intellect...

Via amateurhourcomics

Gluten-Free Be Like

bread food web comics - 8804023040
Via cocktailcomic

Quack Quack

best of week bread duck the internets - 6285693952
By juligrilltalles (Via Loading Artist)

But You Are Just Loafing Around

life puns bread birth - 7884039168
Via Naptoons

Let's Take a Walk Over There

metal bread web comics - 8286562560
Via Art JCF

The Meaning Behind a Duck's Quacks

bread ducks diabetes web comics - 8174777344
Via Loading Artist

Professor Duck

bread ducks college web comics - 8333054720

What's the Fuss About?

bread hat history - 4720299008
See all captions By vivalapivo
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