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Bill Gates


Bill Gates computers macs steve jobs the internets - 3539046400
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There's an App for That

apple Bill Gates celebutard gps steve jobs - 5023980544
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I Bet They Couldn't Even Flip a Five

apple Bill Gates celebutard computer PC steve jobs windows - 4823921664
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That'd Make Me Feel Pretty Dumb

Bill Gates computers steve jobs - 6439319040
By mochaak


apple Bill Gates meme rip steve jobs the internets - 5280721920
By Boat

Apple Gave Them the Idea

best of week Bill Gates ipad Memes Star Trek steve jobs tablets the internets - 6356761088
By Unknown

It Was the PC

Bill Gates comic heaven meme steve jobs the internets virus - 5389332480
By Bendyrulz

He Should Have Seen That Coming

Bill Gates laziness microsoft the internets - 6327264768
By KawaiiOnigirix3


apple Bill Gates celebutard ipad lol steve jobs - 3812332288
By Boat

Behold the Power of Good Guy Greg

Bill Gates Good Guy Greg meme the internets - 5528298752
By PrincessWordplay

By the Time it Takes You to Scroll...

Bill Gates celebutard money rich - 5077932544
By Unknown

Jobs Equals Windows

Bill Gates game show steve jobs TV windows - 5592609536
By SaintLuck


Bill Gates From the Movies Inglorious Basterds microsoft - 3334731264
By lebac


Bill Gates celebutard iPhones steve jobs technology the internets - 3711124992
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Bill Gates egypt money politics puns - 4432014336
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Bill Gates bungie halo legos lol microsoft video games - 4094067200
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