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big bang theory

My Usual Spot

big bang theory mine TV train - 6847152640
Created by Unknown

Sheldon - My Hero

big bang theory late - 4638230272
Created by GrinningRat

The Flash is Impatient

big bang theory flash - 4531834368
Created by ekahnicole

Shut Up and Take My Money

big bang theory iphone shut up and take my money shut up and take my money meme - 6555186432
Created by Unknown

No, it Really Isn't...

big bang theory facebook From the Movies social network - 4779439872
Created by Flea_x

The Big Grump Theory

big bang theory no Grumpy Cat tard - 6854359040
Created by TwistedTanita

Physics Won't Break Your Heart

big bang theory forever alone TV - 4824786176
Created by Unknown

(Insert Something Clever/Nerdy)

bazinga big bang theory lol TV - 5600328192
Created by Unknown

Cause A Real Murderer Would Have Perfect Grammar

big bang theory comma grammar nazi TV - 6384419072
Created by Unknown

And He Might Even Enjoy It

big bang theory TV - 7024089344
Created by Goat_Tee

Not so Soft Kitty

big bang theory TV Grumpy Cat burn - 6936278016
Created by Feej

Life Beyond Homework

big bang theory homework web comics - 8123161600
Via Dakota McFadzean

I Don't Think Mine Even Works Anymore

actor big bang theory celeb TV - 6578627072
Created by Unknown

Non-Stop Music

big bang theory TV annoying - 6595606784
Created by jtcaseley1

How the Tables Have Turned

big bang theory TV dating - 6859214848
Created by daisyontiveros

It's Funny Cause Nerdy

bazinga best of week big bang theory Memes TV tv shows - 6257222656
Created by Unknown