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Didn't Mean It Like That

animals best of week fur poo the internets - 5526263296
By 51m0nn

I Love You, Internet

best of week computers cupid internets love the internets - 6349095680
By Unknown


best of week dalek doctor who rage troll TV - 5255190016
By Ranksthh

Stayin' Alive through CPR

best of week cpr Memes Music - 6461238016
By RogueAchievement

Please, She Can't Even Smile

best of week From the Movies kristen stewart Memes - 6006272256
By warmwaterpenguin

And I Force Him to Eat My Cow Pies

animals best of week cow milk once - 5384090624
By Gearbox

Never Saw It Coming

best of week killing spider the internets u mad - 5260448256
By Unknown

In a Crime Scene Far, Far Way...

best of week csi joke darth vader From the Movies star wars - 6438591744
By JezkaTheChiz

Loki Perry

best of week From the Movies katy perry loki Memes photoshop The Avengers - 6299909376
By Unknown

Off the Edge of the World

best of week cruel mario nintendo 64 penguin video games - 5220470016
By p3hrmne (Via www.reddit.com)

Playing With Your Food

best of week food surgery the internets - 5315699968
By SirKilmoreRyan

Only a Real Mom Wouldn't Know That

best of week nintendo the internets video games xbox - 6150532864
Via Gato Gordito

Big Pharmario

best of week mother of god realization video games - 5607975680
By tenaciousa

Want to Hear a Good Knock Knock Joke?

batman best of week joker knock knock me gusta parents - 5586952192
Via FYeahAlbuquerque

The Perfect Guy

best of week dead the internets waiting women - 5185567744
By Snake73

No More Dirty Socks

best of week fap I see what you did there masturbation the internets - 5742424320
By Unknown
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