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bear grylls

Bear's Other Interests

bear grylls mouth pee the internets urinal - 4937087744
By Plasquatch

A Test

bear grylls Charlie Sheen drugs gross piss - 4561403648
By andy.fail

Bear Grylls Knows How to Use Portals!

bear grylls video games - 4739208448
By battousai


bear grylls did you know meme the internets - 5836397056
By tinman2

Juice Chart for Bear

bear grylls urine - 4595367680
See all captions By Joy-Rider

An Article Just for Bear!

bear grylls urine - 4599165184
By Metal_Burst

"Memebase Saved My Life"

bear grylls meme TV urine - 4808994048
By PhinMcQ

Every Day When I Wake Up

bear grylls pee piss TV - 5039392000
By petterfis


bear grylls Challenge Accepted food nom nom nom plants TV - 4459360768
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Sweet, Sweet Drinking Contest

bear grylls celebutard survival - 4626559744
See all captions By faildude117

Oooh, That's Dirty!

bear grylls lemonade the internets - 4754329600
See all captions By noctulius

It's No Piss But...

bear grylls spaghetti - 7101770240
By Unknown

Predator Pee

bear grylls Blood pee Predator TV - 4863207168
By themostinterestingusername


bear grylls drinking pee survival troll science water - 4551091712
By Unknown

The New Face of PETA

Ad bear grylls pee peta TV - 4829009408
See all captions By GrinningRat

Teach Me Your Ways

bear grylls jellyfish the internets - 6102755072
By LoLRik (Via Cyanide & Happiness)