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Beds Possess a Strength That Few Can Resist

bed barack obama sleeping web comics - 8348681984
Via Jeremy Kaye

The White House Was Really Into the Wedding

barack obama history royal wedding - 4720402432
Created by theanimaster

Enough Is Enough and It's Time For A Change

barack obama South Park politics change - 6652750080
Created by chadd990

More Like April Feels Day

Via Luke McGarry

Bob Dole Reveals What He Thinks About Barack Obama

golf barack obama funny - 7505406720
Created by mysteryman64030


barack obama Hillary Clinton joe biden obama politics - 3488299264
See all captions Created by Monolith87

Who Ya Gonna Call?

bill clinton barack obama politics categoryimage - 6652550144
Created by PrincessWordplay

I Thought It was Biden?

facepalm president facebook barack obama dumb - 6975849984
Created by Unknown

Hopefully He's Not Just Trolling

argument barack obama gay marriage Hey president the internets - 6215547392
Created by Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn

Should Have Seen That Coming

barack obama change Mitt Romney politics - 6615610624
Created by PrincessWordplay

Political Eatery

barack obama obama politics - 5356273920
Created by Unknown


barack obama bush dates obama politics terrorism time - 3721934336
See all captions Created by gingerbreadman

Obama's Secret Helper

eggs president barack obama web comics - 8286456832
Via Art JCF

Presidential Om Nominees

food barack obama Mitt Romney - 6696232448
Via Pleated Jeans

Hail to the Troll

barack obama politics president - 6120131328
Created by jjerryjones
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