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Funny dank comic memes entitled, "Today We Fight Under Our New Banner" | MEN, TODAY FIGHT UNDER OUR NEW BANNER FUCKIN WIN Dogmo COMICS @Dogmo Do9 Keanu Reeves | I hope we lose

Fourteen Dank Comic Memes All About Self-Sabotage

Thanks for the comic, Dogmo!
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art bob ross cartoons color disney pocahontas - 4128403712
By Unknown

It's Always The Hands

jesus drawing art web comics - 7995333120
Via Tea Paper Pencil

The Art of War

art bob ross puns web comics - 8247681024
Via Mr. Lovenstein

Questions For An Artist

art funny web comics - 7887443712
Via Hyperallergic


art sad but true web comics - 8397036288
Via w0lf hayley

An Open And Shut Case

wtf art autism sad but true web comics - 8265052928
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

We Aren't Too Different From Rats

rats people art sad but true web comics - 8333790208
Via Hyperallergic


art web comics - 8586286848
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)

Enjoy Your 'Art'

web comics origami customer service Enjoy Your 'Art'
Via bitercomics

Modern Art Simplified

Via Wrong Hands

So Modern

web comics art whoops So Modern
Via gocomics


art statues web comics - 8202631936
Via Drawing Day
animals drawn as buff and swole and now we can't unsee it

Different Artists Re-Imagine Animals As Buff And We Can't Unsee It

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What They Never Teach You in Art History

art history sad but true web comics - 8362288128
Via Sephko

A Reminder For Anyone Going Through Tough Times

Via Hyperallergic