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I Bet They Couldn't Even Flip a Five

apple Bill Gates celebutard computer PC steve jobs windows - 4823921664
Via gkoogz.tumblr.com


apple Bill Gates meme rip steve jobs the internets - 5280721920
Created by Boat


apple Bill Gates celebutard ipad lol steve jobs - 3812332288
Created by Boat

This Apple is a Real Fan Boy

apple web comics puns This Apple is a Real Fan Boy
Via cuddlesandrage

Don't Let Siri Hear You Say That

web comics puns computers Don't Let Siri Hear You Say That
Via jayunplugged

Apple "Innovation"

apple best of week blackberry nokia phones the internets - 6390425088
Created by Unknown

How Brands Are Created

names apple web comics - 8275027200
Via Good Noose


apple iphone mac steve jobs the internets - 3608341248
See all captions Created by Unknown

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

Aliens apple emo girl history channel scene the Beatles the internets - 5240675840
Created by PrincessWordplay

iPhone Upgrade

iphone money apple Close Enough - 6602114304
Created by Jeff Hawn


apple beatles computers Music reaction guys rick roll - 4172323840
Created by Unknown

Hermione Is Impressed

Harry Potter movies hermione genius apple - 6935473920
Created by mcarter4

Better Than a MetaPad?

apple celebutard ipad ipod Pokémon steve jobs - 4829416704
Created by Unknown

Apple's New Killer Job

apple csi steve jobs the internets yeaaaah - 5278371328
Created by Unknown

The Apple Watch's Most Dangerous Issue

Via Pandy Land

Applesauce Time

apple computer the internets - 5563175424
Created by Unknown
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