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Me Too, Professor

annoying From the Movies futurama smurfs - 4753505792
See all captions Created by Milo11

Now I'll Be Back in Thirty Minutes

annoying dentist - 5733465344
Created by Unknown

Don't Do That

annoying web comics - 8983276800
Via booksofadam

What Other People Think

annoying best of week comics stop the internets - 5850190848
Created by Unknown

Duck Hunt

annoying duck face girls meme the internets - 5830777088
Created by Kleanexx

Non-Stop Music

big bang theory TV annoying - 6595606784
Created by jtcaseley1


annoying numbers passwords rage faces the internets - 5389377024
Created by Bendyrulz

This is The Fifth Time That Happened to Him Today

rage annoying mindwarp fire feminism web comics - 8487857408
Created by GrafEinhorn ( Via Darnit Comics )


annoying Movie - 4619544576
See all captions Created by Unknown


annoying arrow to the knee meme memebase Skyrim stop the internets - 5567256064
Created by Deillon

He Definitely Meant to Say "5x10 Snapchats with the Alternating Filters"

Via bubblyfumbers

Don't Go and Provoke the Ire of the Tiger

Via thingsinsquares

It Never Fails

annoying best of week drunk facebook friends likes the internets - 5394359552
Created by Bendyrulz ( Via I Raff I Ruse )

Maybe You Should Get a Quieter, I Mean Healthier, Snack

web comics annoying chips Maybe You Should Get a Quieter, I Mean Healthier, Snack
Via gocomics

All About the Benjamins

annoying government politics - 5842811136
Created by Estarfigam

Annoying Facebook

annoying facebook meme note the internets the social network tutorial - 5255749632
Created by Unknown
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