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animals dogs heaven jk lol religion - 4423091712
Created by KarateBugmen
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These Adorable Cartoons of Animals Dressed up for Halloween Will Make You Smile

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Ernesto Finally Flipped...

Via poorlydrawnlines

The Hard Side of Animal Control

animals snakes web comics - 8143337472
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Lions, Tigers, and...

animals bear jk lions snow tigers white powder wizard of oz - 4472650496
Created by Mabbus

More Than Meets the Eye

animals eyes look Owl wtf - 5019567616
Created by sixonefive72
a list of funny puns

Cute and Funny Illustrated Animal Puns

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Actually, This Is Fish

animals cat meme the internets this is dog - 5761267456
Created by mrgjman

A Wondrous Tale of an Existential Bear and a Clinically Depressed Bee

insects bears bees funny animals web comics - 8819518976
Via loganbush

An Unbearable Situation

bear funny animals wordplay web comics - 8803979008
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animals Hipster Kitty lol - 4401075456
See all captions Created by Unknown

Another Day on The Force

jail snakes animals web comics - 8347262976
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Good Work Sam.

donald trump animals web comics - 8982812928
Via lizclimo

Never Be Afraid

fear funny animals web comics - 7847863296
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Most Refreshing

animals Cats scary the best water - 5797022464
Created by Unknown

I Regret Nothing

animals best of week bird chocolate funny Memes omg pets - 5885667584
Created by meganeguard