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Now that's just fowl.

animals beach ducks Spock Star Trek - 3331809280
Created by littlebrowndog


animals derp Xxzibit Xzibit yo dawg - 4267494144
See all captions Created by skorpion309


animals drugs meth people sad but true sheep sheeple - 4089304832
Created by bryguy1319
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They're Firing Their Lasers

Aliens animals Cats lasers meme - 5622169088
Created by DanGoRawr

Avian Kombat: Happy Thanksgiving!

animals bird Mortal Kombat - 5473769728
Created by Unknown


animals Cats classic lol - 4011826432
Created by Unknown


animals nom nom nom squirrel - 4561233920
See all captions Created by Dante665

The General Attitude of All Cats Everywhere

animals attitude cat meh Tenso - 4998587136
Via flyingscotsman.tumblr.com

Could It Be Love... of Butterflies?

animals butterflies cute eating love rhino stomach - 6612956160
Via Lizclimo

The Hard Side of Animal Control

animals snakes web comics - 8143337472
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Footprints in the Snow

snow animals web comics - 8060532736
Via Andy Singer

That Was Nuts

animals best of week GEICO nuts squirrel - 5702069248
Created by Unknown

Another Day on The Force

jail snakes animals web comics - 8347262976
Via Poorly Drawn Lines


animals reaction guys - 3158795008
Created by inflexion