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The Worst Tourist Attractions in North America

america web comics - 8232827392
Via Gemma Correll

Don't Get Eliminated

america Japan TV - 5855133184
Created by the_priceman

Really, America?

beer cigarettes TV america toilets - 6977377024
Created by artbargra

Except Not as Hydrating

beer Germany america differences funny - 7778406656
Created by knife-hider

So Many Americans Are Like This

america ebola politics sad but true web comics - 8346638848
Via Bing

Add Dinosaur, Make Epic

america dinosaur george washington horse reaction guys t rex usa - 4867080960
Created by trollfacegod

No Landing Strip?

america if you know what i mean Japan the internets - 5888918528
Created by Unknown

It's the Law

Canada hugs america - 6878531072
Via Hark! a Vagrant


america best of week the internets - 5496111616
Created by Unknown

Flavor Country

wtf america Star Trek food funny - 7842811904
Created by andyetaylor

The Most Accurate Statement Regarding The First Ammendment

Via xkcd

A Proud History

thanksgiving america web comics - 7845083392
Via DannyConner

That Provides A Pizza Mind

america freedom pizza - 8192840704

Hands Off Our Chips, Limeys

South Park British america - 6766690816
Created by Unknown

Lest We Forget

TV america simpsons native americans - 7077576960
Via Worst Simpsons Page Ever

What's The Most American Web Comic?

Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
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