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Everyone Has Their Demons

Via Poorly Drawn Lines

This Explains a Lot

alcohol drugs kids the internets - 6298637312
By Unknown


alcohol the internets - 5706235904
By Unknown

Snooki Made a Boo Boo

accident alcohol drunk jersey shore snooki TV - 4824670208
By travisw70

Gettin' Belligerent up in Here

Via Randyotter

A Robot's Logic is Infallible

Via Not So Golden

How to Get Outta the Friend Zone

alcohol friend zone mario relationship true story video games - 5401912576
By SirKilmoreRyan

When You Have a Liver With Accelerated Healing Abilities, Why Not Enjoy a Drink or Ten?

jessica jones alcohol web comics When You Have a Liver With Accelerated Healing Abilities, Why Not Enjoy a Drink or Ten?
Via hit-comic

Goku is a Light Weight

alcohol beer best of week drinking TV - 6115393024
By meganeguard (Via cats-for-president.tumblr.com)

So Flexible

alcohol the internets yoga - 5649876480
By Unknown


alcohol reaction guys - 3068425984
By Unknown

The Most Important Lifehack

alcohol lifehacks coffee web comics - 8393319424
Via Pie Comic

Who The Hell Has a Jazz Club at 5 AM?

anonymous alcohol web comics - 8372327168
Via Ax By Mag

You Should Get a Prescription for Those Beer Goggles

alcohol bar duck face girls the internets - 5691127040
By BloodBoss420

She Had No Choice, He Was So Apeeling

alcohol fruit fruit men orange the internets - 5244086784
By fail.freak
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