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Aladdin can show you the world, but can he show you Aladdin jokes and memes? Nope he's a movie character and incapable of such things, so here's some in the meantime to make you cackle.

WTF Happened to Abu?

aladdin forever alone From the Movies genie - 4807382784

Toil Away

aladdin sad but true web comics - 7971525376
Via Pain Train Comic

Princess and Her Underlying Motives, Revealed

aladdin cartoons princess web comics - 8769102592
Via peepspers

You Don't Say...Man

aladdin cartoons i lied seriously - 5141623296
Created by KittehKapshuns

Who Could Say No to a Magikarpet Ride?

Via pokemon_meme_for_life

This Scene Isn't Cheap

disney rage face Movie scene aladdin Okay - 6815414016
Created by Linnusma