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Don't Hate What You Don't Know

hate advice socially awkward web comics - 8364043264

The Wisdom of Jean-Ralphio

parks and recreation advice funny cows - 7774185216
By Scarecrow713


advice cillian murphy deeper From the Movies Inception leonardo dicaprio sex - 4346560512
By Unknown

Wise Words

ron swanson advice - 7376579584
Via Jennifr Lawrence

Is Art a Mental Disease?

Via Jim Benton

Everyone Has an Opinion

advice web comics opinions - 8383323392
Via A Hamm a Day

Jim Henson's Advice For Life

advice web comics - 8179990528
Via Zen Pencils

Dad's Advice

kids advice parents web comics - 8018502656
By Unknown

Advice For Continuing to Enjoy Your Creative Life

advice writing web comics creativity - 8009087488
Via Zen Pencils

My son is a Gaylord...

advice gay jokes parenting sex stare dad - 4537575424
By Joadiogoborges

My Training Didn't Cover This

advice funny web comics - 7921690880
Via Butter Safe

How to Cuddle

advice cuddles creeps web comics - 8306453248
Via Sarah See Andersen

It's That Easy

advice puns work web comics - 7938000384
Via For Lack of a Better Comic

Don't Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight

guns knives advice web comics - 8296134912
Via Owl Turd

What Surprises The Dalai Llama The Most About Man

Dalai Lama sad but true surprise advice web comics - 8158125824
Via Zen Pencils

The Best Advice

fifty shades of grey advice - 6796830464
By bullishmango11
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